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mary linsmeier preschool & kindergarten

Mary LinsmeierMary Linsmeier began teaching when her own eight children were young. Having taught elementary school, she was well aware of the child's interest in learning if the lessons were taught in a simple and interesting way. After studying other methods of teaching, including Montessori education, she concluded that the more the senses are involved in learning, the more the child would enjoy and retain the concepts.

The first mary linsmeier school was started in 1964 in response to many parents who wanted a first rate early childhood education for their children. Since that time, additional programs have been established. The success of the program is best demonstrated by the reputation that mary linsmeier schools has throughout Wisconsin.

full day child care programs

In the early 1970's, mary linsmeier schools received requests from working parents to provide an enriched, individualized, academic preschool program for their children along with a complete early childhood developmental activity program. These parents were very conscientious and concerned about the welfare of their preschool age children and were seeking high quality education and care.

In response, Children's Edu-Care was started in 1972 offering the best in preschool education, as well as loving care in a safe and comfortable surrounding. There are now seven Edu-Care programs. Six mary linsmeier schools have also added full day care programs.


In 1986, David Linsmeier, son of Frank and Mary Linsmeier, was appointed executive director. Since 2001 both the mary linsmeier schools and Children's Edu-Care programs were placed under one non-profit corporation named mary linsmeier schools, inc. All of the programs are housed in schools, educational wings of churches or near hospitals. Children are accepted without regard to race, color, creed, sex, handicap, national origin or ancestry.