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Great Beginning image, shows a teaching holding a young infant.

Great Beginnings

6 Weeks to Preschool

Greetings to our program where being held, having tummy time, and looking at yourself in the mirror is not only a part of your baby’s educational development but are ways in which we comfort your baby, exercise her body and stimulate his curiosity.

Locations that offer this program:

Preschool Advantage Plus Image, child putting on a coat.

Preschool Advantage Plus

Pre-K to 5k

Our full-day Preschool Advantage Plus program is where children get all the advantages of preschool, plus all the benefits of a full day of activities!

Locations that offer this program:

School District 4k Partnership image, shows two children reading a book together.

School District 4k Partnership

4k Children

In this exciting program, Mary Linsmeier Schools partner with the school district to provide your child with an excellent 4k experience and education.

Locations that offer this program:

Backpackers Image, shows a teacher participating in an crafting activity with a group of students.


5k to 12 Years

Excited for you to join us in our program where school-aged kids can enjoy books, relax, spend time with a friend, have a snack, burn off energy, get creative with art, learn new games or start their homework!

Locations that offer this program:

Summer Sizzle Image, shows a young boy outside observing flora.

Summer Sizzle

Pre-k to 12 Years

Please join us in our program where children can go “around the world”, “back in time” or become a “super sleuth”! You never know what you will find in our grade school summer camp!

Locations that offer this program:

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