Children learning the joys of reading in the preschool advantage program

preschool advantage

welcome to our 2 ½ hour preschool program where learning = ...! Children receive individualized lessons in reading, math, science, Spanish and more.

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Preschool advantage

our programs offer:

  • a two and one-half hour program, September through May
  • your choice of enrollment days
  • teachers with education and experience in early childhood
  • a safe and clean place for your child to learn
  • your child the opportunity to develop at his/her own level
  • an atmosphere where friendships develop
  • successes that build your child's self esteem
  • individual lessons in reading and math
  • hands on science activities
  • creativity through music and art


"We stayed with MLS because their program follows the child through-out various life stages and truly accommodates all of their needs. ..." read more