Infant in the great beginnings child care program stimulating her curiosity

great beginnings

welcome to our program where being held, having tummy time and looking at yourself in the mirror are not only a part of your baby's development, but...

...are ways in which we comfort your baby, exercise her body and stimulate his curiosity.

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Great Beginnings

our programs offer:

  • teachers that have a passion for babies
  • a safe and clean environment
  • toys and activities that stimulate brain development and healthy bodies
  • formula, baby food and table food when they are ready
  • parent and baby created schedules for feeding and sleeping


"Audrey has been at Children's Educare since she was nearly 2 ½ months old, and we absolutely love it here. ..." read more

"I know that he is comfortable with his surroundings, and all the teachers (whether or not Mack is their student), give him a big welcome every morning. ..." read more